Nathaniel Ru Builds Restaurant That Makes Healthy Eating Trendy

Nathaniel Ru is a very interesting part of the world of restaurants and fast food establishments that are making a difference. Nathaniel Ru has created a restaurant environment that has many of the elements of a traditional fast food restaurant.

The orders come quick once orders are placed and the food is affordable. The difference, however, is that Nathaniel Ru has created a healthy food establishment, and his menu consists of things like warm bowls, low calorie chips and vegetables. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

He is creating a whole new trend with Sweetgreen, and people seem to be taking to this in a very interesting way. Nathaniel Ru has proven that he has what it takes to make a successful business that people can appreciate even when it offers healthy food that is a clear-cut alternative to the other fast food restaurants that he competes against.

Nathaniel Ru is clearly trying to build something that will last. Fortunately, he has just the right investors in place to help him make this happen. Nathaniel is the person that started a trend that investors instantly became interested in. He is someone that has managed to attract investors that are willing to help him take Sweetgreen to the next level.

More than 100 million dollars has been given by venture capitalists to help him expand this creative concept that he started. This is a very generous amount of money from investors, but it is a clear-cut sign that Nathaniel is on to something big. He is not just establishing another fast food restaurant.

To the contrary, Nathaniel is bringing forth a whole new vibe in the restaurant industry. He is someone that is doing a significant amount of work to build a restaurant chain that can truly compete with all of the other less than healthy alternatives that exist today.

Nathaniel Ru has managed to create the type of environment that provides people with a whole new way to discover healthy food options. The combinations of meals that are created through Sweetgreen make it trendy to eat healthy.

This is something that had not been done before. In the past healthy eating was something that people would have to make a conscious decision to do on their own. There was no real social media buzz about it. What Sweetgreen has done is create a platform where people are actually excited to share their healthy eating experience online.

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Roberto Santiago Builds Manaira Shopping to Give Back to His Community

Many successful businessmen will tell you that they didn’t start out rich. Rather, they had to work really hard to amass the wealth that they possess today. A perfect example of such people is Roberto Santiago. He is one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil. He is from Joao Pessoa, a city that he has dedicated his life and money to turning it around.



Roberto Santiago is a self-accomplished businessman, real estate developer, blogger and producer. He has published many articles on Brazil, helping people that want to invest in Brazil to understand the country better. Other than that, he owns two of the most popular malls in the country, the Mangeira mall and the Manaira Shopping



To get to where he is today want by sheer luck, rather he worked really hard and earned his success. His impressive education background plays a very big role in the empire that Roberto Santiago has built today. Santiago is a graduate of Pio Xmarist. He also studied at the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he took a business administration course.



Following the completion of his studies, Santiago landed a job with Café Santa Rosa. The job might not have had a big pay, but Santiago knew that this was only a stepping stone. He was to use this opportunity to learn everything about managing a business. He would then save enough to allow him start his own business.



A few years after working for Café Santa Rosa, Santiago started his own company. The cartonage business would deal in supplying companies with packaging materials. Having already acquired the skills of running a successful business, his company became a success. That is how he acquired funds to buy land in Joao Pessoa and develop the Manaira Shopping mall.



Construction of the Manaira Shopping mall began in the year 1987 and was completed after two years. Today this mall is so big that it is often called a small city. Besides, you will get everything you need at the mall- from food, shopping to entertainment.



One of the features that make the Manaira Shopping stand out is the Domus Hall. The Domus hall takes two floors and is on the rooftop of the mall. It has enough chairs to accommodate 4,000 and while standing the hall has a capacity of 10,000 people. The hall is equipped with sound systems and air conditioning making it a perfect spot for any kind of event.



The cinemas at the Manaira Shopping mall are also a great attraction. There are 11 cinema rooms at the mall. These cinema rooms are equipped with the most recent technology, 3D and have a stadium-style seating arrangement.



Todd Lubar: Baltimore Real Estate Future Looks Brighter

The Baltimore real estate department has shocked very many individuals. According to a recent study, the industry is slowly recovering from the great financial crisis that took place in the year 2007 and 2008. Many people call the area the Charm City because of its great charm. At the moment Baltimore is full of young and energetic professionals who are doing their best to look for better ways of livelihood. These young professionals are coming into the city at a significant rate thanks to the good economy the region is experiencing. As long as this trend is on the rise, Todd Lubar says that this trend will not be coming to an end.

According to Todd Lubar, one of the most successful real estate investors in the United States, the presence of the young individuals will have a huge impact on several departments especially the real estate. These professionals have now increased the demand for quality apartments and residential properties. Todd Lubar says that investors in real estate have now come out to construct new homes and at the same time refurbish the old buildings so that the young professionals can get a place to stay. The efforts from these investors have led to the increase of high-end properties that are now addressing the needs of the young professionals.

Todd Lubar believes that as the working professionals try to occupy more space and make a living, they are also trying hard to solve some of the socio-economic challenges that are faced in the city. At the moment, some of the downtime areas that have been in the city are now becoming friendlier to live as compared to ten years ago. The situation is expected to get better as more people come and stay in the city. The businesses in the city are also doing very well. According to Todd Lubar, the working class can afford most of the goods and services offered by investors, and this makes Baltimore city the ideal place for the young professionals. Lubar has been in the real estate world since in 1995, and this is why he has a lot of expertise especially to the matters concerning real estate. View his full profile on

Awareness of human, migrant and civil rights is increasing globally

Sometimes oppression may occur due to a certain difference that may occur between different parties. It may be caused by race, gender, migration or simply pure spite. Some of the cases of these discriminations become too much and the person oppressed is not able to stand up for themselves.

Organizations and movements have been formed in a bid to address such issues all over the world.

Below are some of the organizations that have made it their mission to fight for the rights of immigrants, civil and human rights. Some even stand up for anyone willing to express their freedom of expression.  Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The Puente Movement:

This organization is based in Phoenix and was particularly formed to stand for the migrant communities. They fight for the rights of anyone who is accused of being a criminal and is at the threat of deportation or detention.

They also create and encourage the formation of communities to encourage one another especially in situations where life feels unbearable. The have fought substantial fights in Arizona including the one where there was a lot of discrimination and persecution of immigrants in workplaces.

The Advocates for Human Rights:

The changes this group has made have been felt both locally and internationally. They are at the forefront of human rights fights globally. They have been in this industry and work for more than 3 decades.

They support in reinforcing the law while standing up for human rights and enhancing a society that promotes civic relationships. They carry out investigations and expose any violations of human and migrants’ rights. They also assist the immigrants who are looking for asylum as they support other groups that stand for the same purpose.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund:

This is an organization that came about due to the wrongful and unfair arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two wrote an article that did not please the Maricopa County authority and hence they were arrested with no proper ground.

The money they got after a long court case is what marked the beginning of the Frontera Fund. The organization supports any group or organization that fights for the rights of migrants, civic and human rights alongside freedom of speech.

With the growing awareness and knowledge of the importance of equality for people with differences, many organizations, individuals, groups, and movements are joining hands in fighting for what is right. Immigrants are now seeking fair treatment and human rights are been stood up for.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Louis Chenevert Professional Rise

If you’re unfamiliar with Louis Chenevert, he is the former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, one of the United States’ largest manufacturing companies. Chenevert earned a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from HEC, a French-language business school, before holding a number of C-level positions throughout his illustrious career.

Before being named Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, Chenevert began his career with General Motors, spending 14 years with the company and serving a the Production Manager for the company’s Ste. Therese, Quebec plant. In 1993, Chenevert joined Aerospace Manufacturer, Pratt and Whitney Canada, where he served as President of the company’s aircraft engine division, before becoming the division’s group President and Chief Operating Officer, in 2006. Chenevert attributes his success in the business world to “operational focus,” which is the ability to solve problems and encourage teamwork, through results-based leadership. Additionally, Chenevert is a huge proponent of reorganization over acquisitions, which he views as a financial risk.

So, what does the future hold for Louis Chenevert? Well, he currently serves as an advisor for Goldman Sachs, working with their Merchant Banking Division. In this role, he draws from his experience as Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation to help recommend opportunities in the aerospace industry.

Chenevert’s role as an advisor for Goldman Sachs has been recognized as a tremendous benefit for the multinational finance company; his aerospace experience with United Technologies Corporation and Pratt and Whitney Canada has made him a logical choice for the role. Chenevert’s business acumen and attention to detail have positioned him to be successful in any business endeavor, and his new role with the Investment firm, Goldman Sachs should be no exception. In fact, if past success is indicative of future performance, he will most likely be a tremendous asset to the company.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s Investment Innovation

Daniel Mark Harrison family found the biggest UK security printer up until the point when it was sold. Harrison considered Theology at Oxford University and holds a MBA from Business Institute in Oslo.

Man at the Helm 

Harrison sits at the head of House of Harrison Plc. The organization bargains in private land and brags more than $200 Million in private property. He established Daniel Mark Harrison and Company in 2015. The organization, for which he fills in as seat and CEO, takes into account the ultra high and high total assets remote financial specialists. Harrison’s organization bargains in venture administration and property advancement notwithstanding particular money related plans. It works out of Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Daniel Mark Harrison is likewise a distributed writer with exceedingly evaluated books, one of which is The Millennial Reincarnations. He has likewise added to noteworthy productions like the Washington Post and Forbes. Set up scholars and columnists have awesome things to say in regards to his composition. Mr. Stamp Harrison experienced childhood in Hong Kong and is a known visionary. He thought of the idea of Factory Banking and has additionally been on the front line of the primary ever effective Initial Coin Offering. Daniel esteems this significantly less unsafe than exchanged offers.

Changing the Course of History 

In a move to combine the monetary and digital currency markets with never observed models, Monkey Capital tries to put resources into the most recent front line advancement. By purchasing ICO alternatives, a speculator is taking a gander at a 40% return. Monkey Capital is a decentralized multifaceted investments gaining practical experience in Space contracts, antagonistic takeovers, and square chain.


Monkey Capital made a remarkable mix of the fantasy group, brilliant operations and energizing undertakings with true advantages. The aftereffect of this was a first historically speaking ten-digit total brought up in a group subsidizing effort. The group, driven by Daniel Mark Harrison and other industry monsters, has taken advantage of an advanced cash making wander. There is a considerable amount of guarantee in Initial Coin Offering as a way to raise financing.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Advancements in Solutions for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is considered to be one of the most destructive illnesses in dentistry. Sleep apnea is simply a sleep disorder where individuals experience pauses during breathing when asleep. The disease is mostly hereditary which means that it can remain dormant in a person’s body until it is triggered by a causative agent of various killer diseases. According to several studies, the causes of the disease is seen to be associated with killer diseases like heart attack, strokes, and diabetes. As a result, medical professionals are creating awareness about the disease since it causes over 2,000 deaths in the country. Overweight people are also affected by sleep apnea and are advised to reduce their weight because the disease leads to mood swings.

About Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is a medical practitioner who specializes in the development and medical therapies of sleep apnea. As a result, he has developed over 100 therapies in the course of his study. Dr. Avi developed the Dental Sleep Masters Company to assist him in the diagnosis and treatment process of sleep apnea. The primary goal of the company is to provide solutions and relief to sleep apnea patients worldwide. The treatment procedure takes the form of an oral application which supports jaws of patients when they are asleep. This process will ensure that the upper airways open up and patients do not experience pauses when breathing during sleep.

The company also conducts research which shows that over 90 percent of people suffer from sleep apnea but are not aware until the diagnosis stage. Avi Weisfogel also offers training to individuals who receive a certification to begin practice in this field. The therapies developed by Avi Weisfogel are credible because FDA certifies them. Avi Weisfogel obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Psychology from the Rutgers University. After this, he got his Doctor of Dental Surgery credential from New York University. Dr. Avi founded a dental practice known as Old Bridge Dental Care, an award-winning practice for two years. Dr. Avi Weisfogel also donates a majority of his profits from his company to various charitable events.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Experiences 1059.3% Growth

Unlike some few years ago when the goal of startups was to maximize profits, modern startups such as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water are guided by different philosophies. The bottled water company established in 2012 by a young entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons, is outstanding in sustainable production, conservation of the ecosystem, and well-thought out social responsibilities.

Despite its non-profit generating initiatives, Waiakea is taking the American beverage industry by storm. The Company grew by over 1059% between 2014 and 2016. The difficult to ignore growth attracted many firms including the Inc. Magazine. The magazine which ranks the fastest growing American companies placed Waiakea in position 414 in their Inc. 5000 list. The ranking among leading brands such as Microsoft, GoPro, Patagonia, and Zappos among others humbled Emmons. The young entrepreneur, 24, stated that his company always wanted to be on the list and the current occurrence is a dream come true. Ryan Emmons will be part of this year’s Inc. Magazine’s Conference and Gala which is less than three weeks away. The Conference will be held in California on the 10th of next month. The conference will bring together like-minded entrepreneurs such as Emmons to inspire each other.
Emmons’ philosophies have inspired actions. For instance, the company is actively involved in reducing the menace caused by lack of clean water in some parts of Africa. Dirty water spread water-borne diseases which ultimately affect an individual’s performance in other sectors of the economy among other dire consequences. To reduce the menace, Waiakea partnered with Pump Aid to supply water pumps (over 4000) to many residents of Malawi (over half a million). The pumps have increased access to water and basic sanitation. Also, for every liter of water purchased, Waiakea donates 650 liters of water to people in need of the essential commodity. Waiakea’s customers are proud to be part of thousands of individuals, corporations, and governments working towards eliminating global water crisis.
Sustainability is crucial for the company, Waiakea, which sources its water from the natural environment. Therefore the company is passionate about conserving its source of water. The company is involved in reforestation and emission control efforts.

Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger is the managing partner at AXIOM Venture Capital. AXIOM is a boutique investment bank. It helps individuals and clients in the entertainment industry grow their business.


Tobias Jaeger has had an astounding history since his time at the University where he began running firms, and even started his own company in 2007, Business Associates Europe, while at Maastricht University in Netherlands. He has lived, worked and studied in over 43 countries.


He partnered with a renowned poker player to initiate an online poker platform after he graduated from the University. The platform aimed to teach poker players how well to play, how to be competitive and also how to generate income from the gaming experience.


With love for business, he went ahead and became the managing director of entrepreneur academy with the aim of enlightening entrepreneurs in Europe and the Middle East by providing personality empowerment courses.


With the urge to explore more in the entertainment industry and with the skill, Tobias joined Swiss initiative in 2012. He developed a documentary on how the next generation of leaders is coming up with new business strains to feed the world using new technologies and thus shaping the food industry.


Tobias then initiated AXIOM pictures, which is an entertainment equity fund. Based out of Europe, it has the aim of making targeted investments, worldwide film projects. The idea of AXIOM Venture Capital is to connect the entertainment and finance industries. The company helps entertainment entrepreneurs find the right investors. Tobias is the head of M&A Advisory as well as the Corporate Finance arm.


Tobias believes a lot, in research, and therefore puts his heart into it. He says that it is more important to rely on facts that have been researched and compiled than on theories and guesswork. In truth, life is a compilation of what we know, what we expect, and what we do not know. The urge of Tobias to find out more; to explore more in the entertainment industry and to come up with a greater idea than before, is a high expression of belief in a better tomorrow.


Tobias Jaeger is a connector of people from all over the world. He believes in talking to individuals, whether they are in his line of business or not. This has influenced him and what he does a lot. Furthermore, his travel and education experience all around the 43 countries has made him fluent in German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish


Here is a man with the passion for the entertainment industry, and a success record in the field.


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Larkin and Lacey Look At Minority Problems

Since Larkin and Lacey first started working for minorities, they knew that they would be able to help them. They knew this because not only did they care about the minorities but they also had a lot of respect for them so they knew what they would be able to do to make things better for all of them. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

This is what has allowed them the chance to grow and to make things easier on themselves and the minorities that they are working so hard to be able to help and to be able to provide them with the things that they were doing to make their lives better.

It is always a good idea for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to know what they can do and to provide more people with the options that they need in their own lives. They want to be able to help others and they have come a long way to do that.

They know the right way to help people and also know that things will always get better as long as they are doing different things to provide them with the experiences that will make their businesses better.

It has always been something that Larkin and Lacey know they can do and something that they can bring to the table with the help they can offer.

Even when Larkin and Lacey were struggling with their own issues, they were still always thinking about how they could help other people out with the things that they were doing.

All of this is what led to them being successful and what gave them the choices that they needed to show people what they could do in different situations. It was something that showed other people the right way to act and the right things that would make everyone’s lives better no matter what was going on.

For Larkin and Lacey to try new things, they had to be able to provide a lot of help to other people. They knew what they were doing and what would make everything better for the people who were in those situations. Read more: Michael Larcey | Facebook and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Larkin and Lacey knew a lot about the things that they could show minorities and they also knew how to deal with law enforcement. Since they had dealt with law enforcement during their own case, they did what they could to show the minorities what they could get from the same type of cases.

Even when things got hard for Larkin and Lacey, they persisted with the issues that they were helping out with. Everything that they did was for the benefit of the minorities and they always put their needs far before their own.

The men had a lot of dedication and they always did what they could to help other people out with the issues that they had. They knew what they needed to do and the right way to do that so they took this into account when they first started the Frontera Fund.